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A global forum encouraging cooperation and discussion on matters of international relevance
for research infrastructures.
Czech Republic
19 – 21
October 2022
the event will start in
About icri

A major worldwide event providing an opportunity for strategic discussions about international cooperation in research infrastructure. A variety of experts and stakeholders from around the world discuss challenges and emerging trends, highlighting the essential role of research infrastructures.

We cordially invite you to Brno, Czech Republic, for the 2022 International Conference on Research Infrastructures to discuss the most challenging issues and pressing needs in research infrastructure policy-making related to both the post-pandemic recovery and the future development of research infrastructures. We hope to meet you in October 2022 in person.

Our motivation

Over the past decade,
the Czech Republic has invested heavily in research infrastructures.

Upgrading and constructing brand-new facilities have strengthened the high-intensity knowledge expertise needed to conduct cutting-edge research, developstate-of-the-art technologies, and demonstrate breakthrough innovations in the Czech Republic, especially in Brno, the second-largest Czech city and the capital of the South Moravian Region, a prime example of good practice in knowledge-driven socioeconomic development.

ESFRI participation
The Czech Republic participates in 23 ESFRI Landmarks and 5 ESFRI projects.
central European Innovation Hub
Brno is an emerging science and technology hub in Central Europe.
Electron microscopy
30% of electron microscopes sold globally are produced in Brno.
Mendel’s Legacy
The father of genetics, Gregor Mendel, conducted critical parts of his research on peas in Brno.