Infrastructures and Industry Engagement – Enabling European Innovation
19. 10. 2022, 19:00 - 20:30
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To celebrate the Czech Presidency of the EU Council, the ENRIITC EU-project together with CzechInvest are organising a joint afterwork to discuss infrastructures and industry engagement as a leverage for European innovation.


Organiser: ENRIITC (The European Network of Research Infrastructures and Industry for Collaboration) & CzechInvest

Improving RI-industry cooperation is key to boosting the global innovation ecosystem, creating jobs and addressing societal challenges while getting a better return on investment on the high cost/high risk of R&D in fundamental sciences. This was recently highlighted at the World Economic Forum at DAVOS in January 2022: How investing in big science benefits industrial innovation | World Economic Forum (  

Over the last 3 years, the ENRIITC EU-project has succeeded in creating a widespread network across Europe between national industry contacts (ILOs) and the RI industry contact points (ICOs) to learn from each other and engage in joint innovation activities. This platform is helping to maximise the RIs capacity to collaborate with industry and create impact. These unique activities support the full integration of European RIs in the European Research Area and can be treated as models for RIs worldwide on how to best integrate with innovation ecosystems and approach industry to collaborate and create strong socio-economic impact.  

CzechInvest, the national business development and investment promotion agency of the Czech Republic has been supporting businesses and investments of domestic as well as foreign-owned companies for 30 years, with the objective of positioning the Czech Republic among innovation leaders in Europe. It supports the whole range of companies: startups and spinoffs, SMEs, as well as innovative multinationals. The agency connects Czech-based companies and entrepreneurs with research institutions and promotes transfer of technologies and knowledge.    

To celebrate the Czech Presidency of the European Union, ENRIITC and CzechInvest are organising a joint afterwork focusing on RI-industry engagement.  

During this after-work event, the main results and learnings of the ENRIITC project will be presented as well as its vision for sustaining government and RI interests for a greater impact of the industry-RI engagement measures and initiatives. To further highlight this engagement, concrete cases from Czech suppliers to RIs will be presented, and an introduction to CzechInvest´s support will be given through the presentation of their supplier development programme. To conclude this afterwork, the audience, together with other key stakeholders and initiatives will be invited to participate in an informal round table discussion to share their experiences engaging with industry, and to discuss the various models of RI-industry engagement and the solutions towards the creation of fully integrated innovation ecosystems.

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