Long-term Sustainability of Small and Mid-scale Distributed RI Projects
19. 10. 2022, 9:00 - 12:00
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We propose to contribute to ICRI 2022 priority topic “developing an integrated RI system” by addressing small- and midscale distributed research infrastructures and networked facilities that contribute significantly to the overall RI landscape and offer services to the academic and industrial research communities.


Organiser: European Science Foundation, MOSBRI, VITALISE and EuroPlanet

More than 100 RI projects in all fields of science have been or are currently funded by the European Commission INFRAIA scheme, either as “starting” or “advanced” communities. We propose to showcase different avenues for addressing the sustainability of these RI projects and their services. In addition, more mature and consolidated RIs will be invited to exchange experiences in a co-creation session in a mutual learning process. The outcomes of this event will support and guide RI projects from various fields when exploring potential sustainability alternatives.  

The first session will feature short presentations from participating RI projects highlighting their approaches to sustainability.

It will be followed by co-creation and mutual learning exercise addressing the topics of:

  • Sustainability of distributed RIs – funding models and operational solutions (for activities other than access to services: e.g., R&I, harmonisation of standards, Open Science, education and networking activities)
  • Sustainability of services – TNA: physical, remote, and virtual access
  • Visibility and impact of RIs activities including catalogues of services, outreach activities to all types of users and the public.  

We will conclude by a roundtable discussion summarizing the outcomes of the co-creation session, lessons learned and way forward.


Co-Chairs: Patrick England (MOSBRI), Nigel Mason (EuroPlanet)

Session 1 - Speakers

  • Verónica Willmott Puig (ARICE)
  • José Anta Álvarez – TBD (Co-UDlabs)
  • Phil Brown (EUFAR)  
  • Giuseppe Magnifico (EurOcean)
  • Vittorio Morandi (EuroNanoLab)
  • Angelica Facoetti (HITRIplus)
  • Anastassis Perrakis (iNEXT-Discovery)
  • Karen Kirkby (INSPIRE)
  • Thomas Elias Cocolios - TBC (PRISMAP)
  • Stefan Jungbluth (TRANSVAC)
  • Keith T. Ballingall (VetBioNet)
  • Anne Charlotte Joubert (ENRIITC) – RI Industry Relationships: European network of research infrastructures & industry for collaboration  

Session 2 - Moderators  

  • Despoina Petsani (VITALISE)  
  • Sabine Philippin (ATMO-ACCESS)
  • Cecilia Blasetti (ELETTRA)

Session 3 – Panel Members

  • ESFRI Representative TBC - Chair
  • Anne-Charlotte Fauvel (EATRIS)
  • Annika Thies (eRImote)
  • Claudia Alen Amaro (RI-VIS)
  • Barbara Schramm – ReMade
  • Michel Boër AgroServ
  • Agnes Robin, European Commission