PT A/1: Communicating Successes
11:00 - 12:30

Communicating Successes and Raising Awareness Among Decision Makers, their Influencers, and the Public.


Established primarily to serve scientific objectives, research infrastructures contribute greatly to the pursuit and achievement of economic, social, and policy goals. The lack of broad stakeholder and public awareness of the benefits to society stemming from research infrastructures may lead to the reduction of governmental support and may affect their current and future funding. In a context of competing demands and difficult choices about public spending, new, clear and more sophisticated engagement strategies are needed to complement communications between the scientific community and policy-makers. This may entail adding public relations and marketing approaches to build arguments for sustainable funding for research infrastructures. Driving this shift is a three-way breakdown of stakeholders between public funders, the general public, and infrastructure users within and outside the scientific community.

This session brings together experts from diverse backgrounds to discuss methods to target and reach specific audiences. A particular focus of the session will be on case studies to illustrate lessons learned and knowledge sharing.

  • Karl Tischler, Head of Communication, EUROfusion
  • Bryony Butland, Programme Director UKRI research sustainability and infrastructure, UKRI (United Kingdom Research and Innovation), UK
  • Pierre Normand, Vice-President, External Relations and Communications, Canada Foundation for Innovation
  • Daniel Stach, Czech Television, Science Journalist


Parallel Theme A: Societal and Economic Benefits and Impact of Research Infrastructures  
The topic of socio-economic benefits and impact of RIs and their assessment is widely discussed in Europe and worldwide. This Parallel Theme (PT) aims to show a broader perspective than highlighting the traditional economic impact RIs have. The focus will be on specific examples of societal impact and benefits RI have in concrete environments in different parts of the world. The speakers will introduce showcases and good-practice examples to demonstrate that RIs have the potential to change the whole environment, including the perception of science, attitude to education, or the life of communities in the RI neighbourhood. We will discuss how we measure the impact and the benefits of RI, or how we know we invest in the right thing. We will cover the topic of assessment, raising public awareness and knowledge about RI, stakeholder management, and the engagement of citizens.
- PT A/1: Communicating Successes and Raising Awareness among Decision-makers, Their Influencers, and the Public  
- PT A/2: How Do We Know We Are Investing in the Right Things? A Discussion on Building Quality Assurance and Review into the Investment Selection Process.
- PT A/3: Advancing Knowledge. Transforming Lives. Inspiring Nations - the Transformative Effect of Research Infrastructures