PT C/3: Data Sharing - National Initiatives
16:00 - 18:00

Data Sharing - National Initiatives.


This panel will elaborate on how individual nation-states build and coordinate national infrastructures for Open Science and data sharing in particular. These include the National Research Data Infrastructure in Germany, New Digital Research Infrastructure Organization in Canada, the Open Science Promotion at the Cabinet Office in Japan, and others. The panel will also target the adoption of these initiatives by research communities to support multidisciplinary research and collaboration needed to target contemporary grand challenges of the sustainable development goals, as represented by the new ESFRI project EIRENE. The aim is to compare the different approaches to connect and harmonize on a larger (regional and global) scale, complemented with the impact on the national research landscapes.

  • Jana Klánová, Director of RECETOX at Masaryk University & Coordinator of EIRENE Research Infrastructure, Czech Republic
  • York Sure-Vetter, Director of National Research Data Infrastructure, Germany
  • Mark Leggott, Director of International Relations, New Digital Research Infrastructure Organization, Canada
  • Tania Altamirano, Academic Relations Manager at RedCLARA, Chile
  • Yasuhiro Murayama, Research Executive Director at NICT, Member of Science Council of Japan, Member of National Expert Panel of Open Science Promotion at Cabinet Office of Japan


Parallel Theme C: Research Infrastructures and Sharing Scientific Data Globally  
This Parallel Theme looks at RIs and sharing scientific data from a local to a global perspective. Instead of analysing what kind of data are managed by the research infrastructures, we will look at the developments taking place to share and reuse these data. In three sub-sessions we will look at: 1) What is happening at a global scale to bring initiatives from different regions in the world together. What are their interactions? 2) What is being done in the different regions of the world, that is relevant for data sharing, preserving, storing etc. to come to a “Web of FAIR data”? 3) Examples of these developments taking place in the different countries.
- PT C/1: Data sharing – Global Initiatives
- PT C/2: Data sharing – Regional Initiatives
- PT C/3: Data sharing – National Initiatives