Research Infrastructures for Quantum Technologies
21. 10. 2022, 14:00 - 17:00
side events

The side-event will present and discuss European initiatives in the field of quantum technologies with an emphasis on quantum infrastructures, their role and mission in the innovative ecosystems.


Organiser: Institute of Scientific Instruments, CAS

European Commission presented a vision for the upcoming digital transformation and its objectives.  Quantum technology figures prominently in these goals, and infrastructures for quantum technologies play a key role. Three major Europe-wide infrastructures are under construction at the moment - one targeting quantum computing and simulation, second, communication network based on the principles of quantum optics and one focused on precise time and frequency dissemination and synchronization with the frequency source being quantum atomic clocks. In all cases there are significant synergies. More, new initiatives to introduce new infrastructures are emerging. This event aspires to put together the quantum community and make its infrastructures more visible, promote their collaboration and give them a chance to communicate their mutual interest towards the authorities and policymakers on European and wider international level.

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