Research Infrastructures in Green Transition
19. 10. 2022, 19:00 - 20:30
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The aim of the event is to discuss the role of everyday operations of research infrastructures in responding to green transition and climate change. The topic will be addressed through a series of talks from world-class research infrastructures and infrastructure providers around the world answering to questions: What does a sustainable future for research infrastructures entail? How to promote green transition in everyday operations of research infrastructures? What can we learn from each other in order to promote green transition?


Organiser: CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd.

The event takes a holistic approach towards green transition and eco-efficiency by looking into the impact of infrastructures on green transition through advancements in research and scientific breakthroughs as well as the operative impact such as the use of IT services and their environmental burden. It is following a high-level event "Green transition for competitive and sustainable research infrastructures" organised by CSC – IT Center for Science in December 2021 (  

The list of speakers brings together representatives of research infrastructures and infrastructure providers from Europe and overseas that all share the ambition of promoting green transition and addressing climate change in their operations. The aim of the series of discussions CSC is organising on green transition theme is to find common pathways towards sustainable operations fit for the future.

The talks of this event put emphasis on concrete activities and the role of research infrastructures to support research for climate action and adaptation by providing essential data and tools for generating scientific knowledge as well as on promoting eco-efficient ways to operate large-scale infrastructures.  

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