ICRI 2022 Proceedings
ICRI 2022 Proceedings
10. 2. 2023

What was ICRI 2022 like? Easy to find out. The official Proceedings are finally here!

ICRI 2022 provided a lot of food for thought. The conference programme and main topics typically have a lot of continuity with the past ICRI conferences. That is true for topics of socio-economic benefits of research infrastructures or transnational access provision. But even in these topics, one can find new perspectives and elements. We discussed methodologies used to measure socio-economic impact, the role of research infrastructures in addressing global issues such as pandemics or climate change, or RIs being part of the state’s critical infrastructure. A lot of attention during ICRI was paid to data and their sharing. The digital aspect plays an important role in research.

The new aspect brought by the Czech organisers and fully supported by the Programme Committee was the aspect of the research infrastructures ecosystem. Research infrastructure policymaking shall not be centred only at the big facilities but provide space for a healthy ecosystem of facilities of all sizes that benefit the research community as a whole. Also, taking care of the international aspects so that researchers from across the world have access to the much-needed research infrastructures irrespective of the continent or country they work in.

So what was ICRI 2022 like? Find all you need to know in the official ICRI 2022 Proceedings!