Satisfaction survey
Satisfaction survey
19. 12. 2022

Thank you to everyone who participated in the ICRI 2022 satisfaction survey and provided feedback. It is valuable not only for us but also for the organisers of future conference editions to keep pushing the bar ever further. We have an infographic for you as well as some selected comments.

„I enjoyed when they allowed for debate among presenters, and between presenters and the public.“

„The parallel drawing on the white board as a form of minutes of the session was a great touch and something that I shall keep in mind for future events that I shall organize!“

„I liked the dialogues that were performed on the plenaries. I would encourage to keep inviting the private sector and be open to other kind of entities, such as patient associations, nature conservation groups, etc.“

„Difficult to choose between the parallel sessions. Maybe more space for international collaborations would have been useful.“

„I did not appreciate that speakers double-booked themselves for parallel sessions, hence gave their presentation and left - why did they not delegate the opportunity to someone from their organisation who was also at the event? Also, some speakers did not put any effort into their presentations, which were very dry - if they are too busy/senior to prepare something decent, maybe they need to delegate to someone who needs the opportunity and can put in the effort.“

„Sometimes too short time for discussions. Some supplemental ways of engaging the audience would be a plus.“

„The sessions were good opportunities to discuss deeper subjects with professionals and people sharing the same interests. It was sometimes difficult to choose between the sessions, but there is nothing that can be done about this! The topics of each session were very consistent so that there did not seem to be much need for session-hopping.“

„Many of the parallel sessions felt more like an array of talks without much of discussion. I would have expected more dialogue among the participants.“

„The conference dinner was a nice surprise in a beautiful venue (only thing is that I cannot stand for too long).“

„Great organization despite the rather complex technical aspect of hybrid conferences. I especially enjoyed the social events. The App made it much easier to keep track the updated info throughout the conference days.“

„Besides the program I highly value the networking opportunities with experts and policy-makers globally. Excellent!“

„The in-person participation and the possibility to chat after the sessions with participants from different parts of the world was the best ICRI experience.  The only downside I can mention is that  some of the presentations I was interested in were at the same time in parallel sessions.“

„The graphic summaries were amazing! The social event was also very good and the opportunities to explore the venue and network with people was very much appreciated.“

„Bad presentation skills on the part of some speakers, and some participants only turning up for 1 day and hence preventing others to attend at all. Not enough diversity in terms of seniority (not enough early career people). The logistical/technical team was absolutely lovely.“

„Very rich programme, a wealth of side events, the opportunity to meet and engage with the global RI community.“