Show yourself via an online promo stand
Show yourself via an online promo stand
31. 8. 2022

Have your presentation even if you´re not attending ICRI 2022 personally.

As well as participation at the conference, the possibility of having promotional stands is also limited due to capacity reasons. However, the online options are endless. If you‘d like to present your organisation, research infrastructure or project via an online promo stand, it is possible even if you‘re not attending ICRI 2022 personally.

There will be a dedicated section on the conference website and in the conference application with the option to promote your institution. Though you need to be registered as an online participant and have the „Promotion“ box checked. REGISTER HERE

Before you can upload relevant content to the stand with content, we need to set it up first. To be able to do that, we need you to send us:

- Your institution/research infrastructure name.
- Your institution/research infrastructure logo in JPG/PNG/vector format (min 500 pix width).
- Contact person/booth manager confirmation (this person will be linked to the booth, will gain rights to booth and chat administration and will be visible for the delegates as a contact person) - full name + e-mail address

Please, send those materials to with the subject: „ICRI 2022 ONLINE PROMO STAND – Name of your institution“. The deadline is set for 16 September. If we don‘t receive the required materials by this date, we cannot guarantee you the booth presentation.

Once the stand is set up, we will send you guidelines on how to fill it with specific content. The items that could be then uploaded and managed include:

- Links to the company homepage and social networks
- General company description
- Videos
- Documents (PDF, PPT, Word, Excel)

So have your materials ready!